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May 5, 2013 | Posted by Meilani Tam | 0 comment/s
I'm happy now because I already found my jewelry from myself. Enjoy with this.

No one can relax with their activities if they don't like it.Really?
"Yes,of course. You must feel enjoy and relax"

Keep calm down and explore your skill guys!

I never know about this before, I thought it's very difficult.
Many friend told me, Photography needs the best quality camera and amazing camera lens.
But, in reality I don't need it. It's very expensive for me now, I can use my mobile for take everything in around me.

Finally, Smile for my results..
You can give more critiques and comment. Thank you guys!
Your comment are very important for the next project.

My Device: Samsung Galaxy Young GT S5360
Edit: Instagram - Streamzoo - Camera360 - Adobe Photoshop

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